A big republican holiday “Tie country” was held in the Finno-Ugric Ethno-cultural park on August 23-25, 2023. International students of Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University were able to participate in this fascinating event at the invitation of the organizer – regional branch of Dvizhenie Pervyh” (Russian for “Movement of the First”) of Komi Republic.

The holiday was timed to the centenary of Komi pioneering and was organized in coordination with the Finno-Ugric Ethno-cultural park. In total, about 500 people participated in this event.

Veterans of pioneering movement came to the event in their own pioneer ties and caps and with pioneer badges.

With the neckties wrapped around their necks international students attended ceremonial line. They witnessed the ceremony of joining the ranks of “Dvizhenie Pervyh” with participation of veterans of the pioneer movement.

A festive atmosphere and an interesting program helped international students to immerse into the atmosphere of the pioneers. At the thematic stations, students got acquainted with the history of the movement development in the Komi Republic, assembled a puzzle with the image of a pioneer badge, solved puzzles in Russian and got acquainted with the pioneers’ slogans. At the theme station “Beat the drum!” the students gladly used the pioneer paraphernalia and played a drum march.

In the Finno-Ugric ethno-cultural park, students got acquainted with the culture of the Komi Republic and its traditions. They shot from a bow, visited a Komi traditional house (chum) and walked along a hunting path.

Together with the students, university partners from India became participants of this holiday. Dr. Jay Parmar, founder and managing director of JCC (Dr. Jay’s Counselling Center), shared his impressions on the event:

– “Such activities are very important. Through participation in them, international students get acquainted with the culture and traditions of the country they have come to study. Thus, adaptation feels easier and is more successful, students feel like a part of the Russian community. I saw a lot of children at the festival, and this made me happy, because everyone should know the history and traditions of their country. It was noticeable that the children enjoyed participating in the event!”

Our international team was the most popular at the event. Almost all participants wanted to take pictures with foreign pioneers.