On September 2, 2023, international students of Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University had a meeting with Valiahmad Gayazov the chairman of centralized religious organization “Muslim Spiritual Board of the Komi Republic”. This meeting was held as part of the grant project “Vzglyad” (Russian for “the Vision”) and with support from the centralized religious organization “International Islamic Mission”.

More than 50 international students from 11 Pitirim Sorokin SyktSU Institutes participated in this event. Muslim faith students discussed religion questions with the Imam Valiahmad and got acquainted with the history of Islam in the Komi Republic. The Mufti spoke about the most ancient Muslim written texts which tell about Russian North-West region.

Valiahmad Gayazov in his speech highlighted the value of the historical document, which is the story of the Arab Muslim traveller of 12th century Abu Hamid al-Garnati, who visited the territory of modern Russia, his unpretentious notes about what he saw and heard in the Volga region. During his spiritual lecture, the Imam drew attention to the sermons. The Imam asked students questions on after watching a documentary film about the life of Muslims in the Komi Republic. After watching the documentary film there was a quiz testing knowledge of the Islamic religion history.

The project is headed by the head of the Centre of Patriotic Education and International Cooperation of the Department of Youth Policy Valentina Maltseva. This summer, the head of the Centre received a grant for the school launch in a competition organized by the centralized religious organization “International Islamic Mission”. Events are held jointly with the Coordinating Center for formation of an active citizen position among young people, the prevention of interethnic and interfaith conflicts, countering the ideology of terrorism and the prevention of extremism.

Spiritual realm plays a big role in each of your lives: it leads to development, personal growth and inspiration. The upcoming activities will be aimed at improving legal awareness, – the head of the project emphasized.

The main goal of the “Vzglyad” program is the promotion of cultural diversity and the development of intercultural communication skills. The school will strengthen interethnic, interfaith relations, and will also become an instrument of spiritual and moral patriotic youth education. Meetings with specialists will foster information and religious security, and will also establish the principles of civil unity.