Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University (SyktSU) is a rapidly developing university with more than a half century of history. It is the largest university in the Komi Republic and provides all levels of higher education. The university has an advanced infrastructure for science and innovation. In 2017 SyktSU received the status of the Russian flagship university (among only 33 Russian HEIs).

The university’s 286 staff members, who take care of teaching at the university, are highly skilled professionals — 65% of them have a Ph.D. and 12% a D.Sc. degree. Moreover, the university offers students a wide variety of educational programmes: more than 7,400 university students are spread over to about 200 bachelor’s and master’s programmes.

SyktSU has more than 38000 alumni who got good positions as true professionals in the different fields of life activity in different countries.

Entering SyktSU is a good challenge for you to show and develop your skills and finally be proud of becoming a member of the large university family.

Welcome to Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University!

Why Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University?

Key advantages:

 a wide range of educational programmes (Pedagogy; Medicine; Biotechnology; Informatics; History; Linguistics; Literature; Mathematics; Psychology; Physics; Economics; Art, etc.);

 modern educational, scientific and applied laboratory facilities, equipped with high-tech equipment; simulation center for practical training of medical students;

 successful interaction with enterprises of the real sector of the economy;

 the University has more than 60 student associations: student councils and clubs, student television, student volunteer groups, theatres, scientific associations and many others;

 the well-equipped campus of the University allows international students to feel like at home (all students get place in the dorm rooms, SyktSU has its own medical center, various sports grounds and halls, participation in extracurricular activities is encouraged and much more).

Mission and values

Our mission is to create optimal conditions for studying, stay, self-realization and employment of students and graduates, to form a friendly and open corporate culture, where students and teachers go together not only along the path of development, but also along the path of creating new knowledge and acquiring new competencies!

Our values are:

comfortable conditions for life, education and work: we make sure that our students live in comfortable dormitories, study in well-equipped classrooms and laboratories, go in for sports in modern gyms and a swimming pool, have opportunities for self-realization in extracurricular time;

24/7 student support: we guarantee our students support not only in studies, but also in any difficult life situations, because student years are a self-search time, time of “trial and error”; for this we have established institutions of volunteering and tutoring, psychological monitoring system; a medical center is operating; student cultural and creative activities are developed;

high quality education: we believe that the main guarantor of the quality education is a teacher, so we put a lot of effort to motivate our teachers, their training and development;

care about the future of our graduates: we know that higher education is the stage of an important life choice – career choice, and therefore we support our students and graduates, helping them in communication with employers, promoting career guidance and practical skills;

active international activity: we are aware that only by exchanging experience with leading world universities we will be able to maintain a high level of training for our students, and therefore we will invest in the development of international activities, joint educational programs and research, and the involvement of international teachers.

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