Dear applicants!

If you look for all-purpose education which enables you to work at educational, scientific, cultural organizations, as well as in travel business, government sector, mass media, expert analytics – you’re welcome to study at the Institute of History and Law. The fundamental academic background supported by IT modules (mathematics & computing, computing in history, IT for history teaching) and considerable practice (archeology, ethnology, archives and museums, teaching, research) will allow you to become intelligent professionals of high demand.

Being a student will open you ways to participate in student exchange programs with foreign universities, federal and international scientific student conferences, demonstrate your leadership in student self-governance, discover your talents and gifts in various studios of the university’s Creative Arts Center.

Traditionally, since the 1970’s, our students carry out extensive research activities. Prospective historians are winners of multiple federal and international research competitions, grant holders, participants of global project. If you like hard work, travelling and reading, come plumb the depths of History – the science of all. Remember: ‘Historical discoveries are directly related to the length of reading done,’ as professor Yu. Margolis said.

Welcome to the Institute of History and Law!

Director, Ph.D. in History, Lyubov Maksimova

The Institute offers the following educational programs:

Bachelor’s degree

44.03.01 – Teaching history

44.03.05 – Teaching history & social science / history & law

46.03.01 – History of Russia and foreign countries

Master’s degree

46.04.01 – Russian history, historical urban studies

Post-graduate studies

46.06.01 – Historical sciences & archeology


Syktyvkar State University established in 1972 initially had four departments, including the department of history and philology, with two chairs in Russian and world history. The department was supported by colleagues from St Petersburg (former Leningrad) State University. The first members of the faculty taught in the department for many years.

The department has been reformed in the recent 20 years. The current Institute established as a merger is headed by Lyubov Maksimova, Ph.D. in History, Associate Professor. As of today, the Institute includes two departments in history of Russia and foreign countries, history and methods of teaching social & legal subjects.

The Institute hosts a museum of archeology and ethnography where artifacts are exposed from expeditions across Komi made by researchers and students. Several student research labs and research society affiliates function here.

The faculty includes 23 professors, 6 Doctors and 11 Ph.D. in History among them.

For nearly 50 years, the Institute has trained approximately 3,000 qualified historians employed in various research, educational and other institutions of Syktyvkar, all over Russia and abroad. Some of the alumni are famous businessmen, politicians, public figures.

International Achievements

Students and the faculty of the Institute collaborate proactively with the International Association of Finno-Ugric Peoples, presenting their reports regularly at the IFUSCO international forum.

Students and post-graduates from Canada, USA, Estonia have had internships, one-semester mobility studies at the Institute. There are currently students from Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan.

Mobility studies are also practiced by our students to study at universities of Norway, Finland, Canada etc. They have had short-term internships and training in Italian, Finnish summer schools.

The Institute faculty are members of the international network of historians of the Barents region. There have been a few international projects, proceedings published in Sweden, a textbook co-authored by the faculty members, and other respectable publications.

Research activities

The Institute organizes all-Russian research conferences:

  • Issues of material and spiritual culture history of Russian and foreign peoples – annually in late March
  • Russia and Bulgaria: History and modern times – with international speakers, biannually in spring
  • The North during the Great Patriotic War.

The Institute runs the research & training center ‘Issues of northern territory development: history and modern times.’

Facilities and Resources

The Institute has up-to-date, well-equipped rooms for classes and various events, computer labs for videoconferences, an assembly hall for common arrangements, a library stocked with ample printed and electronic publications in history of Russia and foreign countries. There is special-purpose equipment available for archeological and ethnographic expeditions. The Institute operates its archeology & ethnography training museum.

Directorate address: Office 305, 9 Katayeva St., Syktyvkar 167001

Tel. 88212 390 386


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