On March 15-17, presidential elections were held in Russia. Russian citizens voted for their future and the country’s future for the next 6 years. Those who had recently become Russian citizens also made their decision.

There are foreign students at Pitirim Sorokin SyktSU. During their studies and residence in Russia, some of them became Russian citizens. Accepting citizenship also means accepting rights and responsibilities. One of these rights, according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, is the right to vote. This right was used by such students and here are their impressions.

— “I would like to thank the Russian Government for giving me the right to participate in the elections. This is a truly wonderful and amazing feeling, because now I am part of this nation and this country. I am proud to help this country move towards better future. This is the duty of every citizen, which I am now. We must show the world that the elections are fair, and people will choose what is best for Russia, despite foreign interference that may discourage the elections,” – commented 4th year student Ali Al Mohammed, who came from Iraq.

— “This is my first election and it was very interesting. Of course, everyone should take part in the life of their country,” – said 2nd year student Khanym Huseynova.

— “One of the most significant reasons is the exercise of the right to vote given by the Constitution. Having this right, everyone gets the opportunity to take part in the process of governing the state and influence the authorities, – explained Ahmed Abdelsamy, who came to Russia from Egypt. — By taking part in the elections, citizens themselves decide who they would like to see as the country’s leader during the next presidential term. The opportunity to choose the Russian President is given once every six years, and you cannot neglect the unique chance to vote for someone you trust!”