Fundamental and applied researches are carried out nowadays in Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University in the framework of current scientific topics in a wide range of areas. Among them, developments in the field of security, information technology, biotechnology, monitoring of forest resources have been recognized and supported at the regional and federal levels. Young scientists and students take part in the development and implementation of many of them.

There is a joint Council for Assessment of Qualification Theses and Awarding the scientific degrees «Candidate of Sciences» (Ph. D. equiv.) and «Doctor of Sciences». This joint Council was created in 2015 by the Vologda State University, Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University and Cherepovets State University and it assesses theses and grants degrees in the following specialties: 10.01.01 – Russian Literature (Philology); 10.02.01 – Russian Language (Philology).

Two scientific journals of the University – “Corporate Governance and Innovative Development of the Economy of the North: Bulletin of the Research Center of Corporate Law, Management and Venture Investment of Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University” and “Man. Culture. Education” – are included into the official list of HAC. The “Bulletin of Syktyvkar University. Series 1: Mathematics. Mechanics. Computer science” is included in the ZbMATH.

Some of the scientific schools developed in the University have received international recognition: “Electromagnetic interaction with nanostructured materials”; “Improving the system of corporate relations”; “Mathematical models of nonlinear mechanics and methods of their analysis”; “Biology of aquatic organisms”.

The list of international partners of the University includes universities and scientific and educational organizations from Finland, USA, Germany, Norway, Canada, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan.

Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University is a partner at the National Arctic scientific and educational consortium, the University of the Arctic, a member of the Working group on education and science of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council, a member of the Association of Finno-Ugric universities, the International Association of Young Polar Researchers, a member of the Consortium “Russian scientific center on the Spitsbergen archipelago”, the Timber industry cluster of the Komi Republic.

Priority areas of research activities of the University are:

 Socio – economic development of the Arctic and Subarctic zone of Russia (sustainable development of the North; international cooperation in the Arctic; development of the economic potential of the Komi Republic; strategies and mechanisms for the formation of social well-being in the region);

 Infocommunication and space technologies (transport and space systems; microsystem equipment; technologies and software for information, control, navigation and intelligent systems; development of the modern information and telecommunication infrastructure);

 Rational nature management (technologies for monitoring and forecasting the state of the environment; integrated development of natural resource potential of the Komi Republic and the Arctic zone; creation of new industries, materials and technologies);

 Biomedical technologies (improving the quality of life of the population; functioning of biological systems in humans and animals in the northern environments);

 Materials of the future (technologies of diagnostics, production and processing of structural and functional materials; technologies of biomaterials)

 Security (equipment and technologies for prevention and amendment of emergency situations of natural and technogenic origin; ensuring ecological security; ensuring security of vital activities of the population);

 Cultural and historical resources of the European North (the peoples of the North; history of the development of the European North; political, legal and cultural aspects of the development of the North; the national cultural space of the European North; the languages of the peoples of the North; anthropology of the North), etc.


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