Russians, as well as residents of any other country, have traits that distinguish them from representatives of other cultures. If you know about them, you will quickly adapt to local conditions.

They like to host guests. Russians are known for their hospitality. They like to meet guests and enjoy visiting friends themselves. Generously laid tables are the main attribute of such meetings.

They don’t make visits without gifts. In Russia, people don’t make visits with empty hands. Even if it’s not a birthday, but just friendly gatherings. Something must be brought. It can be a cake, sweets, wine or chocolate for younger family members.

They believe in signs. Russians usually spit over their left shoulder if a black cat crosses the road; they knock on the tree so as not to jinx their plans, and don’t whistle at home, so as not to lose money. If they return to the room, having forgotten something, then they must look into the mirror before leaving. To make the upcoming trip a success, Russians sit silently for a few seconds before the beginning of the journey. Before important events (for example, before passing the exam), Russians wish each other “no fluff, no feather.” In response, you need to say: “To hell!”, Otherwise it will not work. Students have their own signs: they don’t cut their hair during the session; at midnight before the exam, they loudly call for luck, waving their record-book from the window; during the exam you need to put a five-ruble coin under the heel. It is believed that these manipulations will provide good grades. Of course, all signs should be treated with a share of irony.

They appreciate true friendship. Friendship is an important thing in Russians’ lives. A true friend is sometimes closer than a relative. The ideas of allegiance, fidelity of friends are not empty words for many Russians. True friendship can begin at school or university and last until the end of life.

They like talking. Russians are not among those who are used to keeping their opinions with themselves. Most of them have their own positions on a wide range of issues – from methods of growing zucchini to the foreign policy of the White House. The stereotype of political censorship in Russia does not prevent Russians from expressing themselves openly in different places – from students to press conferences with the participation of the head of state.

They treat women in a special way. In Russia, there is a special attitude to women. Men give way in the public transport for women, hold the door, give a hand to help to get out of the car.

They like joking. Russians are generally cheerful people: they like jokes, raffles and good stories. They appreciate good humor and satire, they know how to laugh at themselves. They often quote popular films, especially Soviet comedies. Every person regardless of age love these films. Sometimes, to understand what Russians are joking about, you just need to watch Soviet movies – “Love and Pigeons”, “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”, “Caucasian Captive”, “Pokrovsky Gate”, “Diamond Hand” and others.

They go to the bath. Going to the bathhouse in Russia is a special kind of pastime. It is believed that the steam room cleanses the body and soul. Bath ritual includes the selection of a suitable company, the process of washing and sitting in the steam room – the longer a person steams, the healthier and stronger his spirit is. After the steam room, it is a tradition to dive into an ice hole or a pool with cold water. At the end of the “procedures”, reddened bathers are greeted with the traditional phrase “Enjoy your bath!”.