MEDICAL INSTITUTE is the youngest institute of the University complex. It was established in July, 2014 by the order of the rector. The institute was formed on the basis of the Komi branch of the Kirov State Medical Academy that had been functioning in the republic since 1996.


Location address: Syktyvkar, Starovskogo street, 55, office 11

Telephone number: 8 (8212) 390-414



The main purpose of the Medical Institute is training of doctors for medical organizations not only in the Komi Republic, but also outside its borders.

Dear Applicants!

Now you are faced with a choice, perhaps, the most important in your life – who to become, what specialty to choose? I sincerely wish that, having chosen your own, you would follow it to the end, not knowing disappointment and fatigue! Students’ life is full of worries and excitement, but there is no time more great than student’s.

Being a doctor is honorable and responsible. Great prospects are opening up for you. You will study with modern equipment under the guidance of leading professors and specialists, conduct scientific research under the guidance of experienced scientists, work at clinical bases, participate in the interesting youth projects and implement them in the real life.

Aleksandr Baranov

Today the Medical Institute is a successfully developing structure that combines the implementation of educational, medical and scientific activities.

The institute conducts training in the following specialties:

31.05.01 General Medicine.

31.05.02 Pediatrics.

In 2020, training for the master’s program 32.04.01 Public health (profile: management in health-care) was opened.

The medical institute has 6 departments:

● Department of Medico-Biological Disciplines and Forensic Medicine. The head of the department is Sergey Viktorovich Ivanov, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor;

● Department of Biochemistry and Physiology. The head of the department is Evgeniy Rafailovich Boyko, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor;

● Department of Nephrology, Psychiatry and Special Clinical Disciplines. The head of the department is Galina Olegovna Penina, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor;

● Department of Therapy. The head of the department is Alexey Olegovich Ovechkin, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor;

● Department of Surgery. The head of the department is Anna Vladimirovna Kozlovskaya, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor;

● Department of Pediatrics. The head of the department is Natalya Nikolaevna Korableva, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor.

The Institute possesses a modern material and technical base equipped with multimedia equipment, spacious auditoriums, modern laboratories, computer labs and the anatomical museum. The simulation center with constantly updated equipment for mastering practical skills by students is established, classrooms with modern simulation mannequins are organized, also on the basis of the university’s medical centre.

The work of the Institute’s departments is carried out in the medical organizations of Syktyvkar, which have the clinical status: Komi Republican Clinical Hospital, Children’s Republican Clinical Hospital; Clinical Cardiology Dispensary. Many of the professors of the Medical Institute are practicing doctors and freelance specialists of the Ministry of Health of the Komi Republic.

The educational process is carried out in the academic buildings of Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University, on the basis of Morozov Syktyvkar Medical College, the medical centre of the University, as well as in the departments of republican and city hospitals and polyclinics, the perinatal center, tuberculosis, oncological and cardiological dispensaries, the Center for Disaster Medicine.

Students are provided with the dormitory, located within walking distance from the main academic building, as well as from the large medical organizations.

Great opportunities are provided for organizing recreational activities. The Center for Artistic Creation, the Center for Civic Education and Interethnic Cooperation, sports sections successfully operate in the University. A volunteer movement is organized, including the “Medical Volunteers”.

Pages of history

There are many medical universities in Russia. And if the applicant has firmly decided to become a doctor, then it is very difficult for him to make the final choice: which medical university to enter? Each has its own history, its own attractive sides.

Since July, 2014, with the opening of the Medical Institute at Syktyvkar State University, a new continuation of the history of medical education in the Komi Republic has begun. Almost entirely and completely, both academic staff and the employees of the Komi branch of the Kirov State Medical Academy transferred to the newly created institute. They brought with them the accumulated 20 years’ experience of working with the students of the Komi branch, their good name, their careful attitude to students, traditions, memories, integrity and selflessness.

In 2018, a Simulation center was created, which is extremely essential for mastering the practical skills of to-be doctors, creating a system of continuous medical education.

The first graduation from the Medical Institute took place in 2018, 20 doctors who successfully passed independent accreditation got jobs in the medical organizations of the republic or continued their studies in fellowship.

International activity of the Institute

International cooperation with foreign partners is now becoming one of the priority directions of work of any modern institution of higher education. Our Medical Institute is no exception.

Annually, the University strengthens international educational cooperation. Particularly, students from different countries – India, Nepal, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Kuwait, Eswatini, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan study at the Medical Institute.

They study in English and Russian. For the first three years, they study core subjects in English. At the same time, they study Russian, and from the fourth course they begin to study medical subjects in Russian that allow them to communicate freely with patients. Since 2023 international students will study in English for 6 years. All theoretical knowledge is consolidated with practice at the end of each semester in the Medical centre of the University, as well as in the departments of republican and city hospitals and polyclinics, cardiological dispensary, the Center for Disaster Medicine.

The material and technical base is constantly updated. Students study in well-equipped classrooms, computer labs, fitted with modern office equipment. The scientific library of the University places an extensive book fund, an educational media library and an electronic database. The Manipulating Skills Center allows students to practice their skills on simulation equipment, give injections, do artificial respiration, heart massage and many other things.

Students acquire theoretical knowledge on diagnostics, examination of the human body and study the causes of various diseases, ways of spreading various infections, symptoms of diseases and their progression, pharmacology, treatment and preventive measures and preliminary effects.

The research work of the medical students at the institute encompasses a wide range of kinds and directions of activity. You can deal with nutrition problems and human depression, biomedical technologies, problems of therapy, pediatrics and neurology. Students carry out scientific work at the bases of partners of the university – research centers and hospitals. Annually, scientific-practical conferences of students are held. Our students participate in international conferences and festivals. By participating in conferences, you can win scholarships or grants.