The updated list of international scientific databases that are available for employees and students of SyktSU:

1. Springerlink platform:
– More than 3000 Springer journals 1997-2018;
– More than 70,000 Springer e-books;

2. The Nature platform:
More than 90 journals in natural sciences, including Nature, the oldest and one of the most authoritative scientific journals.

3. Springer Materials database:
Springer Materials is the most complete database describing the properties and characteristics of materials. It accumulates information from such disciplines as materials science, physics, physical and inorganic chemistry, engineering, etc.

4. Springer Protocols database:
Springer Protocols is an invaluable resource for modern research laboratories. The largest database of reproducible laboratory protocols (more than 40,000) provides access to reliable and verified data accumulated over the past 30 years.

5. The zbMath database:
zbMATH is the most comprehensive mathematical database covering information materials since the late 19th century. zbMath contains about 4 000 000 documents from more than 3000 journals and 170 000 books on mathematics, statistics, computer science, as well as engineering, physics, natural Sciences, etc.

6. Nano database:
Nano database became available for all RFBR grantees for the first time. This unique resource provides data on more than 200,000 nanomaterials and nanodevices collected from the most authoritative scientific publications.

7. Scopus:
Bibliographic and abstract database and a tool to track the citation rates of articles published in scientific journals.

8. Web of Science:
A platform for internet search, which combines abstract databases of publications in scientific journals and of patents, e.g. those taking into account the mutual citation of publications. Web of Science covers information on natural, technical, social, human Sciences and the arts.

Scientific journals of the Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University