The Institute of Continuing Education is the biggest center for professional re-training and advancement in the Republic of Komi.

The current situation demands for open-minded people ready to learn all their life, keep up with technologies, develop professional skills further on – those get best jobs and build successful careers.

The Institute aims to advance professional backgrounds, equip specialists with new functions, enhance business and personal qualities, expand qualifications for new professional activities.

There are about 300 professional advancement programs available. Besides, students of the Institute’s professional programs can acquire a working or office profession. Over 3,000 students study at the Institute annually. The Institute is the only regional platform to implement training within the Russian Presidential Program in economy management.

The Institute also develops and arranges short-term workshops, training on various topics for individual and corporate customers.

Why study?

· Top quality education at the leading regional university platform

· Acquiring new skills irrespective of the future/current profession

· Simple enrollment at any time, flexible schedule

· Short-duration training thanks to efficient methods which make learning comprehensible and exciting

· Highly qualified teaching staff: leading university professors of the Republic of Komi, practicing experts, business coaches, representative of state and local government bodies of Komi and Russia

· Convenient location of the downtown campus

· Business-friendly training atmosphere to promote new contacts

· Accommodation and treatment at the university health care center available for remote students.

Address: Offices 405-409, 55 Oktyabrsky prospect, Syktyvkar 167001

Tel. 88212 390 311, 88212 390 316


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