Dear applicants!

We are always glad to see you at the territory of new opportunities.

J. N. Ilyina, Director of the Institute, PhD in Philology

The Institute offers the following educational programs:

Bachelor’s degree

  • 41.03.05 – International relations
  • 41.03.06 – Public politics and social sciences
  • 42.03.01 – Advertising and PR
  • 42.03.02 – Journalism
  • 44.03.05 – Teaching Russian/Komi language and literature
  • 45.03.01 – Russian philology

Master’s degree

  • 39.04.01 – Sociology
  • 45.04.01 – Communication studies
  • 45.04.02 – Linguistics: translation
  • 46.04.02 – Records management


The Institute was established in the academic year 2011/12 from former departments of philology, history and international relations, and merged with the Department of Philology of the former Komi State Pedagogical Institute in 2014. As of today, the Institute unites professors and students of five departments: philosophy and sociopolitical sciences, journalism, PR and advertising, Russian language studies, Komi, Finno-Ugric & regional studies.

The faculty includes 38 Ph.D., 6 D.Sc.

Research Activities

  • Research & education center ‘Innovations of national education in humanities’
  • Research lab ‘Studies in philology of Northern spiritual culture’
  • Bulletin of Humanities
  • Series of publications ‘Word and text in the cultural context’
  • Conference for students and post-graduates ‘Word and text in the cultural and political context’

Facilities and Resources

The Institute of Humanities can boast its own Education Center for TV and radio journalist practice. Prospective journalists have internships there. Besides, students interested in television try their hand as camera operators, producers, editors, authors of stories, program hosts. Take a glance at their TV projects here:

Directorate address: Office 205, 9 Katayeva St., Syktyvkar 167001

Tel. 88212 390 397


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