The Institute offers the following educational programs:

Bachelor’s degree

  • 38.03.01 – Economics: banking & finance; accounting, auditing & analysis
  • 38.03.02 – Management and business analytics
  • 43.03.02 – Tourism service operations
  • 43.03.01 – Consumer services

Master’s degree

  • 27.04.05 – Innovation economics & finance
  • 38.04.01 – Taxation & accounting, digital economics
  • 38.04.02 – Marketing & market analytics, project management
  • 38.04.08 – Public & municipal finance, corporate finance & business assessment, financial analytics
  • 44.04.01 – Management & project management in education

Post-graduate studies

  • 38.06.01 – Economics & economy management; finance, money circulation & banking


The history of the Institute should be counted from 1972 when Syktyvkar State University made its first enrollment for the program ‘Production planning’ in the Department of Natural Sciences. Later it was divided into three departments in physics & mathematics, chemistry & biology, and economics – the latter offering three educational programs (production planning, banking & finance, accounting). The programs in management and marketing initiated in the 1990’s, sociocultural services & tourism – in 2000.

The Institute aims to satisfy the need of the European North and Russia in qualified and competent staff in economics and management, who have a holistic, systemic, open mind for integral apprehension and managerial solutions, carry out efficient operation of all-tier socio-economic systems.

We have qualified faculty with a record of internships at foreign universities. There are 9 Doctors of Science, 17 Ph.D.’s, visiting professors from St Petersburg State University, St Petersburg State University of Economics, staff of Komi Scientific Center, Urals Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Our corporate partners, managers, experts from regional companies (Sberbank, VTB bank, Otkrytie bank, Syktyvkar Tissue Group, Syktyvkarkhleb, Federal taxation service administration), accomplished entrepreneurs take an active part in the education process.

The Institute includes four departments: financial management, banking, economics & corporate management, management & marketing.

International Achievements

The key teaching staff have a record of internships at foreign universities and business schools in Germany, USA, Great Britain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Ghana.

50+ students of the Institute have studied abroad within student mobility programs.

The Institute traditionally welcomes foreign students, so far including Germany, Algeria, Kyrgyzstan, Ghana, Nigeria.

Research Activities

Research is conducted within organized studies and individual research projects. The Institute runs three research and training centers: Center of research and educational marketing programs, Research center for corporate law, management, and venture investments of the university, Center for sustainable development of the North. These centers aim to promote generation and development of the Institute competencies.

The Institute publishes a bulletin on corporate management and innovative development of Northern economics, approved by the Higher Attestation Commission of Russia.

The Institute teaching staff annually win and implement grants from Russian funds, carry out commercial studies supported by the regional Ministry of Economy.

The Institute regularly holds international, all-Russian, regional research & training conferences.

We pay great attention to student creative and leisure activities. Students participate in all-Russian topical events annually. The Student Council operates under the self-governance initiative to organize traditional Institute events.

Directorate address: Office 300, 55 Starovskogo St., Syktyvkar 167001

Tel. 88212 390 393, 88212 390 390


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