Dear applicants!

The Institute of Exact Sciences and IT welcomes you to pursue a Bachelor’s, Master’s or post-graduate degree in STEM disciplines.

Our alumni are in great demand both in Russia and abroad. Education in mathematics combined with programming skills enables a graduate to make a career as a mathematician, programmer, analyst, information systems developer, web programmer. Pedagogical training is supposed for future teachers of mathematics and computer science, mathematics and economics, labor training. The major in engineering technology (extended training) is meant for training FE teachers of technical study groups and associations, such as Quantorium and IT-cube. Graduates in radio physics become all-purpose tech workers, from handling measuring equipment to PC programming and research collaboration. Undergraduates are invited for internships by the major employers of the republic: Mondi Business Paper, Rostelecom, Komienergo, cellular operators etc.

IT systems are among the high-priority aspects in development of science, technologies and engineering of the Russian Federation – this explains nearly all educational programs of the Institute. As for teachers of mathematics, IT, labor training, they are needed in any school.

As a student, you will acquire knowledge, skills and professional competencies in exact sciences and IT required for a qualified expert in your field. Graduates of the Institute are well-employed and demanded in education, research, and industries of the Republic of Komi and beyond.

We’re always glad to see you at the territory of new opportunities.

Director S. Myasnikova, Ph.D. in Pedagogy

The Institute offers the following educational programs:

Bachelor’s degree

01.03.02 – Computational mathematics & IT

02.03.01 – Mathematical & computer engineering

03.03.02 – Physical electronics

03.03.03 – Radio physics

09.03.03 – Applied information science

10.03.01 – Data security

20.03.01 – Technogenic safety

44.03.04 – IT & robotechnics

44.03.05 – Teaching mathematics & IT / mathematics & economics / labor & extended training

Master’s degree

02.04.01 – Mathematics & computer sciences

03.04.02 – Engineering & physics

03.04.03 – PC-based radio physics

09.04.03 – Applied IT in economics

20.04.01 – Technogenic (fire) safety

44.04.01 – Teaching mathematics & physics, digital environment in education

44.04.04 – Education technologies in professional training

Post-graduate studies

09.06.00 – IT and computing

44.06.01 – Education in mathematics / labor training


The Institute of Exact Sciences and IT started its way in 2011 when three departments: mathematics, physics & technics, IT systems merged to establish the largest university institute and offer educational programs in mathematics, physics, and IT. In 2014, two other departments joined the Institute.

The Institute is the regional leader in training specialists in mathematics, physics, data security, technogenic safety, IT, as well as training teachers for these disciplines.

The Institute currently includes seven departments: applied mathematics and computer sciences, radio physics & electronics, technogenic safety, data security, applied computing, basic disciplines and methods of labor training, physics & mathematics & IT training.

International Achievements

The faculty and students of the Institute take an active part in international research conferences, conduct research together with their foreign colleagues and publish results in top-rated international journals.

The faculty participate in instruction schools for foreign students organized by the university’s International Department.

Research Activities

From 2017, the Institute has implemented the strategic project of the flagship university program: ‘Constellation of talented youth.’ The project aims to develop a favorable environment for systemic training of gifted children and youth through a university breakthrough school: an online research and innovative project platform for efficient research generation and adaptation, joint regional social projects.

Students of the Institute participate in various competitions and conferences annually. Their research studies in programming, mathematics, methods of teaching mathematics and computer science bring them prizes of research forums in Moscow, St Petersburg, Kazan. The Institute runs student research groups headed by the qualified staff. Students are involved in implementation of various research grants under the aegis of their tutors, doctors of science.

Students of physics participate in collaborative research work of their department with the scientists of Le Mann University (France), Institute of Radiotechnics and Electronics (RAS, Moscow), St Petersburg State University and other leading research organizations.

Facilities and Resources

The Institute is located in two separate specially-equipped study buildings. It has up-to-date labs, computer labs, multiple workshops, a data security law office. Students also have testing grounds for technical control & web infrastructure diagnostics, network operation system administration at their disposal.

Directorate address: Office 429, 55 Oktyabrsky prospect, Syktyvkar

Tel. 88212 390 377


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