Welcome speech to applicants

Dear applicants!
You are now making a responsible decision – choosing a profession and a place of study.
We invite you to choose our educational programs: you will definitely find them interesting and useful.

What’s interesting:

1) the content of the educational programs is based on the latest knowledge of the theory and practice of art and culture, both regional and international;
2) you will have the opportunity to get involved in relevant projects for the Komi Republic, for example, the design of the urban environment, the formation of a modern Fund of Souvenirs, socio-cultural studies of the region and much more;
3) we participate in international projects, especially in the Arctic region (Finland, Norway, England, USA, Canada, etc.) that allow us to develop a common international scientific and educational space, including student exchanges.

What is useful:

4) we have a good material and technical base, which is important for our programs; specialized workshops;
5) our graduates have wide employment opportunities;
6) the Institute has all forms of higher education: bachelor’s degree, after which you can enter the master’s degree, and after the master’s degree, with a serious passion for science – graduate school.

O. Maksimova, Director, Ph.D. in Philology, Associate Professor

Contact information:

Directorate of the Institute – +7 (8212) 390-357 (Natalia Vyacheslavovna)
Deputy Director – +7 (912) 869-36-14 (Nadezhda Aleksandrovna)
Member of the Admission Committee – +7 (912) 152-14-25 (Sergey Valeryevich)

Welcome to the Institute of Culture and Art!

History of the Institute.

The decision to establish the first Faculty of Arts in the European North was made at Syktyvkar University in May, 1999. By April, 2000, all the necessary requirements for the opening of a new faculty were achieved, which was reflected in the decision of the Academic Council of the University. In 2014, the Faculty of Arts was renamed the Institute of Culture and Art.

The purpose of establishing the Faculty of Arts was to meet the needs in highly qualified personnel for the Komi Republic in the field of culture and art. Tasks: preservation and development of cultural heritage of the Russian peoples, the creation of the comfortable living environment, the organization of cultural activity.


The Institute of Culture and Art currently has three departments: Arts and Crafts; Fine Arts and Design; Cultural Studies and Pedagogical Anthropology. The Institute also includes a workshop of Artistic Ceramics and Sculpture; Information and Educational center “Russian Museum: virtual branch”; Scientific and Educational center “Environmental design, advertising and printing”, several scientific laboratories. Teaching staff of the Institute includes: 4 doctors of Sciences, 9 candidates of Sciences, 5 members of the Union of artists of Russia and the Union of designers of Russia, 2 teachers are preparing to defend their theses.

The Institute offers the following educational programs:

Bachelor degree (in Russian):

  • 44.03.01 – Pedagogical education: Cultural studies
  • 44.03.05 – Pedagogical education: Art culture and creative arts for children
  • 47.03.03 – Religious studies
  • 51.03.01 – Cultural studies
  • 51.03.02 – Folk art culture: Studio management
  • 51.03.06 – Library and information activity
  • 54.03.01 – Environmental design
  • 54.03.02 – Arts and Crafts

Master degree (in Russian):

  • 51.04.01 – Cultural studies
  • 54.04.01 – Design branding and communications

Postgraduate study (in Russian):

  • 51.06.01 – Cultural studies: Theory and history

International achievement.

The Institute has been cooperating with the Nordic countries for a long time on various scientific programs (scientific conferences, exhibitions, competitions of art and scientific projects, master classes, exchange of students and teachers). It is a member of the thematic network ASAD in the framework of cooperation of the consortium of Universities of the Arctic. In November 2019, for the first time in Russia, the Arctic forum “RELATE NORTH – 2019: traditions and innovations in the field of art and design” will be held at the Institute. For many years the international scientific conference “Semiosis and culture” has been held. Teachers of the Institute are winners of international art competitions in Japan, Slovenia, Slovakia, Taiwan. Senior lecturer V. A. Durnev won the grant competition for training on the master’s program at the National University of Taipei (Taiwan).

Member of the Union of artists of Russia V. A. Durnev (Taiwan)
Students-designers with Norwegian designer, artist Scott Toe
Poster of the Russian Student Festival of contemporary visual art “MOST” (“BRIDGE”)
Opening of the student exhibition in the exhibition hall of the Institute
New year workshop
V. A. Durnev. Decorative plates
Diploma defence on design “Student Boulevard»