The Institute offers the following educational programs:

Bachelor’s degree

  • 40.03.01 – Legal studies (criminal law / civil law)

Master’s degree

  • 40.04.01 – Legal studies (law enforcement / civil and municipal management)

Specialist’s degree

  • 40.05.01 – Legal support of national security

Post-graduate studies

  • 40.06.01 – Legal studies (criminal litigation / criminal law & criminology / civil, entrepreneur, family, private international law)


The Law Institute was established in 2014. The major educational program in legal studies is implemented by the departments in public law disciplines, civil law & litigation, theory of government & law and legal methods, criminal litigation & criminalistics, criminal law & criminology.

The Institute runs its Legal Clinic.

The faculty includes 27 professors, 8 Doctors of Sciences, 14 Ph.D.’s among them.

Research Activities

The Law Institute organizes annual conferences:

  • the all-Russian Legal Scientific conference
  • Challenging issues of establishment and development of the Russian legal framework, the all-Russian research & training conference for students, graduates and post-graduates

as well as annual all-Russian competitions among students, post-graduates, faculty in medical law and intellectual property issues.

Directorate address: Office 245, 25 Kommunisticheskaya St., Syktyvkar 167001

Tel. 88212 206 801, 88212 390 437


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