The Institute of Foreign Languages introduces their project work “KOMI TRADITIONAL CUISINE — IT’S FINGER-LICKING GOOD!” which is an online brochure in three languages. The project was created by Pitirim Sorokin SyktSU Institute of Foreign Languages students in cooperation with the Institute of Humanities students – future teachers of English and Komi languages.

The students collected Komi traditional recipes in Russian and Komi languages by talking to Komi villages’ residents and Komi language teachers; studied thematic literature, wrote essays about different aspects of Komi people’s traditional cuisine in three languages.

The purpose of this project is to popularize Komi culture among Russians and introduce foreign students of Pitirim Sorokin SyktSU to interesting facts about Komi traditions and customs, as Komi people have always been distinguished by their careful attitude to bread and respect for the land-breadwinner.

Taste can and should be developed. Do you agree? Let’s start with the very basics and try traditional and modern Komi dishes, visit the homeland of Izhemsky reindeer herders, take a ride through Komi villages, visit friendly Syktyvkar residents and talk with Komi cuisine experts. The idea of creating this brochure was born during the practice of speaking and writing (English) classes as an attempt to acquaint Russians who had never even thought about visiting Komi Republic and who did not think of our region as a land of gourmets and delicious food lovers, with the facts about cuisine traditions and special tastes of northerners in order to promote the knowledge about our native region throughout the country, – note the authors of the brochure.

The organizers of the project are: main project coordinator Elena Belkina – candidate of Pedagogical Sciences and associate professor of Pitirim Sorokin SyktSU Department of English language, Rustem Latypov – candidate of Pedagogical Sciences and associate professor of the Department of English language, Rimma Popova – candidate of Philological Sciences, associate professor, head of the Department of Komi Philology, Finno-Ugric Studies and Regional Studies.

Students from different countries study at Pitirim Sorokin SyktSU, many of whom are fluent in English, but have difficulties understanding Russian-language materials. Thanks to translations of essays and recipes from Russian into English our foreign students know that in the region customs and traditions are valued, ancient recipes are preserved, and connections with the past are not lost, the experience of ancestors is used and ethnic festivals are held. Taste comes while eating, but for those who speak Russian, Komi and English, the ethnic dishes presented in our brochure will seem not just appetizing, but triple delicious, because knowledge of languages develops your taste, – the creators of the booklet emphasize.

You can view the brochure via this LINK.