The delegation included representatives of the administration of the Indian NIMS university and companies recruiting foreign students to study in Russia.

In July, 2023, the head of International department of Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University Svetlana Obshanskaia took part in educational exhibition in India and represented our university.

Traditionally, Indian students are more interested in medical field of study so Medical Institution caused the biggest interest. After having got acquainted with the university in absentia and having learnt about all opportunities our international students have not only for getting a degree but also for spending free-time after classes, CEO of the company «PromexRus» and his representatives in India decided to visit Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University themselves.

General Director of PromexRus Keshari Rakesh Kumar, Director of Triangle Education and PromexRus representative in India Yadav Dilip Singh, Triangle Education Manager Yadav Ajit Kumar, the head of NIMS University, Managing Director Rector Tomar Shobha and the head of Pediatrics department at NIMS University Tomar Anurag visited the capital of Komi Republic.

For two days the guests were going sightseeing, visited the university campus.

Moreover, the guests from India got acquainted with the culture of Komi, visited guest complex in Syktyvkar district where they were treated with Indian dishes and traditional Indian Masala tea.

Currently, 19 Indian students are getting their degree in University. Here all of them are known for perseverance and diligence. Medical professions are prestigious in India and all students are eager to become real professionals so they make the most of their effort to master academic disciplines for good and excellent grades.

During the meeting with the delegation the rector of the university Olga Sotnikova highlighted that the university is interested in international students who are motivated to get higher education. She also expressed her concern about the climate of our region that is highly different from Indian one.

The result of this meeting was an agreement on collaborative work on recruitment of Indian citizen to study General Medicine at the university.