On April 27, fifth and sixth year students of the Medical Institute took part in the International Distance Olympiad in Pediatrics «My profession is a pediatrician», organized by the Grodno State Medical University.

Seven teams from Belarus and Russia took part in the Olympiad.

On behalf of the SyktSU, students of the direction “General Medicine” participated: Nikolai Dorokhin, Denis Karelin, Rodmila Suleymanova, Abanub Farid (Egypt) and Evgeny Berestnev. The team was prepared by Natalya Korableva, Doctor of Medical Sciences and Head of the Department of Pediatrics.

The university team took the final third place, but among the Russian participants it became the second.

– It was interesting. I would like to take part in such events. It’s not as scary to participate as a team as it is to participate alone. We received vivid emotions, especially from the fact that we won a prize! – shared his impressions the team captain Nikolai Dorokhin.

It is noteworthy that only senior students could become participants in the Olympiad. But since “Pediatrics” was opened at the university in 2019, there are still no senior students in this area, and students of «General Medicine» study pediatrics only from the fourth year. This fact made the victory of our participants more significant. It was the high quality of training that allowed our students to take a prize.

The Olympiad consisted of three stages: the first was a video presentation, the second was testing, and the third was solving situational problems. The last stage was the most difficult, but the participants successfully coped with it.

It wasn’t easy. Probably the biggest difficulty is that we represented as such a “medical faculty”, and not a specialized university. And so, when we went to the Olympics, we were very scared. Because we will have an exam in pediatrics only in the summer, in the fifth year. It is complex, you need to prepare for it for a long time, learn a lot. The tasks at the third stage were much harder than our training ones. Five minutes were given to make a diagnosis, prescribe treatment, examination, – Nikolai Dorokhin spoke about the difficulties.

The jury of the Olympiad awarded the university team with diplomas in the nominations «Will, strength, optimism» and «The most positive team». And also appreciated the creativity of all teams, their training and effective organization of the work of each participant.

Many thanks and respect to all the teaching staff of the Medical Institute! In particular, I express my gratitude to the Department of Pediatrics, which deals with us, invests strength and vitality. We appreciate it very much, – Nikolai Dorokhin summed up.

Students note that this was the first experience of such participation in the Olympiads. After such success, they will be happy to participate in other Olympiads in medicine.

This is a very cool experience. We had a great team of five people: four are in the fifth year and one is in the sixth. Each of us has contributed. And, to be honest, it was not very difficult for us to solve tests and problems. Although we were very worried at first, because we have little experience, our rivals were teams from large institutions, not only from Russia, but also from Belarus. Nevertheless, we were able to take the third place, and this is an indicator of the high level of education in our Medical Institute. Therefore, I want to thank our teachers and especially the Department of Pediatrics and its head Natalya Nikolaevna Korableva. I hope that next year we will also participate and strive for victory, – commented team member Abanub Farid.

The Olympiad promises to become an annual event. We hope that next year our senior students of “Pediatrics” will take part in it and achieve great success.

Alina Andronchik, journalism, 1st year

Photo provided by the participants of the competition