On 14 May, the Syktyvkar Model UN – 2021 was over at Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University. The event is organized every year by students of the Department of Philosophy and Social and Political Sciences.

— The purpose of the Syktyvkar United Nations model is to draw the students’ attention to a discussion of current problems in the international community. Here, each of the participants expresses his or her own opinion on these issues, – noted Model UN Model Secretary-General Renate Garafutdinov.

The first day considered «The Problem of World Pandemics» and each committee adopted its agenda. The United Nations General Assembly presented the «Impact of Global Pandemics on the Rise of Intolerance in Society» and the Human Rights Council – «The issue of the basic human rights obedience in terms of world pandemics». Participants presented their papers on the topic and then for discussion.

According to the organizers, this year the Model was different from previous ones in a record number of foreign students participating in the event. An interpreter was also invited for the first time.

As we noted earlier, «Syktyvkar model UN» is a traditional event in the university, and each year students majoring in «International relations» and «Public policy and social sciences» try to make it even more modern.