On May 11, the results of the Republican Scientific-Practical Conference named after V. Gladilov «Contemporary Issues of Theoretical, Fundamental and Clinical Medicine» were announced.

Valentin Gladilov worked at Syktyvkar State University after postgraduate study from 1975 to 1996, where he made his career from assistant to Vice Rector in scientific work. In 1996, Gladilov founded a branch of the Kirov Medical Academy in Syktyvkar and became its director. Thanks to him, the scientific-pedagogical and administrative structure of the branch was formed, the necessary material and technical base was established, new courses were opened year by year, the number of students increased.

This is the third time that this conference has been held at the Medical Institute, continuing the tradition of scientific event conducted by the Komi Scientific Center (Ural Branch) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Komi branch of the Kirov Medical Academy and other institutions. This conference has the status of a republican conference to attract students from all over the country. The conference was first held in 2019 and was attended by more than 50 researchers from all over the country.

There were three sections at the conference: «Surgery and medicine of catastrophes» and «Therapy and fundamental research» were in Russian, «Clinical medicine and basic science» was held in English.

All the articles under consideration are research-oriented with the majority based on significant statistical material. The work was evaluated according to the following criteria: relevance of the study, logic, consistency, conformity of conclusions with the objectives set, scientific presentation, practical significance.

The winners in the English section «Clinical medicine and basic science»:

1. Timilsaina Kshetra, Khokhar Paridhi, «Dietary habits of young реоple in stressful conditions during COVID-19» – I place

2. Farid Abanoub Wagdy Makrm, «Chronic stress body» – II place

3. Khokhar Paridhi, Mishra Aparna, «Liver Cancer» – II place

4. Yogi Kapil, «Community medicine in India» – III place

5. Pandey Manish, «Stomach Cancer» – III place