On February 26-27 the Institute of Humanities of the Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University hosted the XII annual youth forum called “UN Model “. Russian, international and also high school students took part in the event.

The UN model is a conference where participants play the roles of diplomats and represent the country at simulated meetings of UN committees . Students select one out of 193 participating Countries and then discuss issues on their Committee’s agenda.

— I am glad that in this game you will show not only your knowledge of the world politics and topical issues, but also offer ways to solve them. I wish you heated debate and objective decisions, — Yulia Ilyina, the Director of the Institute of Humanities, greeted the delegates.

The agenda for the UN General Assembly was the domestic violence, its legal and socio-cultural aspects. The delegates presented their reports, outlining the current situation, measures and proposals to solve the problem. Then the debate began, where each representative could express his point of view and agreement or disagreement with the other countries and ask questions.

— Domestic violence is a terrible social phenomenon, that have serious consequences for the person who was subjected to it. I am very happy that this problem reached a global level. No one is immune from this. Only by uniting all together, we will be able to solve the problem — shared the President of the General Assembly Ksenia Kuzivanova.

At the end of the conference the results of each Committee’s work were summed up, and the delegates were awarded certificates of honor.

Olesya Pavlova
Photo by Arina Shakhova and Mark Onikul