Preparatory Russian language courses

Preparatory Russian language program consists of a set of courses offered to foreign citizens. The courses are taught as ”Russian for Foreigers” and they are always designed according to the needs of the students. The duration of the courses can vary from few weeks up to a year. Moreover, the courses can be studied side by side with a university degree programme. Previous preparatory language programs have prepared foreign students with zero background in Russian language for university degree programmes taught in Russian language, such as degree programme in medicine.

The teachers of the courses have specialized in teaching Russian as foreign language, and the teaching is designed to meet the needs of each individual student. Thus, students of the courses can have any level of preliminary knowledge of Russian language. The effective teaching and study methods guarantee that the students of the courses will quickly learn Russian language and adapt to Russian culture.

The courses of the preparatory language program

 Intensive introduction: The course familiarizes the students with Russian language and provides foundation for learning Russian language.

 Speech practice: In this course the students focus on improving their skills on speaking, hearing, reading and writing.

 Grammar: The course focuses on the theoretical as well as practical aspects of the Russian language.

 Phonetics: The course focuses on the pronounciation and intonation of the Russian language.

 Adatation: During this course the students practice their skills of using Russian language in everyday situations, e.g. ordering at cafe or using public transport.

 Introduction to communication: The course familiarizes the students with basics of communication in Russian.

 Speech etiquette: The course focuses on the practical communication and conversation etiquette of Russian language. The pragmatic approarch of the course ensures that the students detect various conversational situations, understand their contexts and readily act according to proper etiquettes.

 Syntax: Advanced course in which the students learn to use various expressions and styles allowed by the syntax of Russian language.

 Business conversation: This advanced course is designed to familiarize the students with business speech, conversational norms, official business statements etc.

 Stylistics: The course provides practical introduction to various styles and their functions in Russian language. After the course the students will understand, how to use different styles to create different text genres.

 Intercultural communication: During the course the students familiarize themselves in intercultural communication and understand the possible misunderstadings it carries.

 Concepts of language and culture: In this course the students deepen their understanding of Russian language, culture and their relations.

 Additional course: The goal of the course is to deepen the understading of Russian language according to the needs of each student.

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  1. Kwabena Frimpong Addai

    Please i want study Russian language at your university, so that i will be able to study for my masters.
    How much is the cost for the preparatory course and what documents do i need to be able to apply.

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