More than 150 partner universities worldwide

Exchange studies in the capital of the Komi Republic provide a view to Russian and Komi culture. During your exchange studies you will deepen your field of specialisation. Moreover, you will most certainly learn exciting things about culture and gain rich experiences that will be an asset in your life! SyktSU has more than 150 partner universities worldwide. Below you find more information about the exhange programs.

 UArctic is network of some 150 universities that spealize in arctic studies and circumpolar education. If you are student at one of UArctic networks universities, you can apply for North2North exhange studies at Syktyvkar State University. To apply, please see the instructions here.

 Barents plus is regional scholarship program for students, teachers, administrative staff exchanges, class trips and group visits, summer/winter schools and language courses (Sami, Norwegian or Russian). You can find more information about the program and the application process here.

 In double degree programmes you will obtain your degree by studying in two countries. SyktSU offers two possibilites for double degree programmes:

International Business with a focus on Eastern Europe. The students of this double bachelor’s degree programme spend 4 semesters (120 credits) at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences and 2 semesters (60 credits) at SyktSU. For more information, please press here (in German).

Circumpolar Regional Studies. The students of this double bachelor’s degree programme spend 3 semesters (90 credits) at Nord University and 3 semesters (90 credits) at SyktSU. For more information, please press here.

 As a freemover you can organize your exchange studies by yourself. In this case you should contant the international office of SyktSU

 Moreover, you can iniate your exchange studies via bilateral university agreements. SyktSU has agreements with the following universities: Univeristy of Nord, Heilborn Univeristy of Applied Sciences, European University of Viadrina, Schwanthaler Kunstschule, University of Florence, Baltic International Academy, Bainbridge college, Middle Tennesee State University, Univeristy of Maine, Yerevan State Univeristy, Poltava National Pedagogical Univeristy, Pryazovskyi State Technical University and Pudasjärvi Open College. In case you are student of one of the university mentioned or some other university and you want to iniate exchange studies at SyktSU, you should contact us for more information.

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