If geology is what interests you, then Syktyvkar is place to be. Komi Republic is full geologically rich nature that our geology students explore during their studies.


Are you interested in different forms of life? During the four years of the bachelor study program covers all essential areas of biology: from genetics to physiology and from microbiology to evolution.


If you are interested understanding what is matter made of, our chemistry program is for you. In our chemistry program you will learn everything from organic chemistry to latest nanotechnologies for building novel materials.


Do you wonder why nature is the way it is? Are you interested in the principles that govern our universe? Come study physics to Syktyvkar and learn what is behind the miracles of nature!


Would you like to become expert in tourism? In our study program of tourism you will learn about business tourism, marketing, management, human resources, regional studies and many more!


Are you interested how modern economics work? In our economics program we study, for example, banking and finance system, international trade, economic policy and history as well various other aspects of economic human behavior.


Are you interested in management? Our study program on management covers all essential aspects of management and prepares you for a successful future!


Would you like to study medicine and become a doctor? In our medicine program you can specialize in anatomy, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, therapy, surgery, traumatology and orthopedy.