On September 9, 2023 Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University organized an event at University Botanical Garden. Students walked along the ecological path and played teambuilding games outdoors.

The outdoor event “EcoPatriot” was held as a part of centralized religious organization “International Islamic Mission” project “Vzglyad” (Russian for “the Vision”) and with All-Russian international youth union support. The main purpose of the event was to unite more than 50 international students with Russian ones to foster civil ideas, promote nations togetherness, form civil identity.

Grant project “Vzglyad” events were held from September 2 to September 9, 2023. As a result international students broadened their minds and also improved their cultural and educational level, developed tolerance and respect towards each other. In addition, civil identity contributed to the culture formation and level of civil responsibility increase, that is an important aspect of the modern world. The significance of such events was noted by the Head of the Centre of Patriotic Education and International Cooperation Valentina Maltseva:

These grant project events are an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about Russian laws, other cultures and traditions, and the customs of Islam. An important part of such events is exchange of experience and knowledge. The joint event at the Botanical Garden contributed to intercultural dialogue and understanding of other people’s views and opinions improvement.

The “Vzglyad” project helps to promote cultural diversity, increase the level of intercultural dialogue and develop intercultural communication skills. It is aimed at interethnic, interfaith relations, spiritual and moral education strengthening and patriotic education of young people, their education in matters of information and spiritual security. The Centralized religious organization “International Islamic Mission” provided significant support in organizing the intercultural community platform.

On September 9, 2023 the final event of the project took place. “EcoPatriot” was organized on the territory of the Botanical Garden of Pitirim Sorokin SyktSU. At the beginning of the meeting, students learned about the history of the university unique place and were given a tour along the ecological path. Students saw plants that grow in the Komi Republic and exotic representatives of the republic’s flora.

New knowledge was immediately tested in a teambuilding game conducted by teachers from the Institute of Natural Sciences. At the “Photo Hunt” station, participants were required to take certain photographs in the garden. The students found and photographed Red Book plants, a mammal, and flowers of different colours.

The students studied the flora and fauna of the Botanical Garden ponds. They had to use a special device to pull plants out of a pond and then study them under a microscope.

At the “Pokhimichim” workshop, students learned about the pigments production from plants: chlorophylls, xanthophylls, carotenes. They were also able to independently test how natural pigments colour materials.

After the program, foreign students prepared their traditional dishes. The lunch for the event participants was organized with funds from the Centralized religious organization “International Islamic Mission” grant.