Summer is a traditional time for holidays, relaxation and new experiences. University foreign students continue their active work and study the peculiarities of the Komi culture and region. This summer, they have already managed to visit the tournament of porridge cooks «Our strength is in porridge», the Summer Youth Games «Койгортса гожся ворсöмьяс», the VII inter-regional blacksmithing festival «Кöрт Айка» and much more.

Tournament of porridge cooks «Our strength is in porridge».

On June 18, foreign students took part in the tournament of cooks “Our strength is in porridge.” The event was held in Madzha village, Kortkeros district.

– The history of the tournament originates in the legend of Yurka, who had an extraordinary strength, but began to steal his neighbors’ cattle, for which he was drowned in the lake. To cajole his spirit, citizens began to cook funeral porridge every year, the organizers say.

The participants presented their knowledge of porridge cooking and showed their skills. The teams cooked their own porridge according to original recipes – buckwheat with meat and onions, millet porridge with butter and others. A special commission tasted the dishes. It considered not only the taste and presentation, but also how well the team of chefs worked. Everyone did their job.

Students also participated in various workshops. They were taught how to make a birch bark small scoop («чиблег» in Komi) so that they could drink water from the spring, where they were taken to in a retro car. There they learned the legend about Yurka, the history of a healing spring, an old mill, and also tasted dairy products in Kuryador.

– In my opinion, events dedicated to Komi culture should be held on a regular basis. This is especially important for the popularization of the Finno-Ugric culture, as well as the establishment of interethnic friendship. This is an integral part of working with foreign students. The porridge cooking tournament in the Madzha village can become a point of gastronomic tourism in the Komi Republic, and we hope that it will be an annual event, – said Valentina Maltseva, head of the Patriotic Education and Interethnic Cooperation Center of Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University Department of Youth Policy.

Summer Youth Games «Койгортса гожся ворсöмьяс»

Then foreign students of Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University took part in the summer youth games «Койгортса гожся ворсöмьяс», which were held in the Koygorodok village. Students immersed in the Komi culture and learned more about the history and region crafts. They played печкыштам (let’s spin), Ёма бабалöн шыд (Baba Yaga’s soup), Ёма баба чеччалö (Baba Yaga jumps), сюсь анькытш (smart pea), би кодь каньяс (fire cats), черань гез (spider web), тыра кöрöб (full backpack), вöр-валöн вын (force of nature), as well as сур ю вуджöм (crossing the resin river) and вöнь кыöм (belt weaving).

The students noted that through the games they realized how much the Komi and the Russian people love fun and joy, which form the basis of peace and harmony.

– In any country, young people are open to joint activities. This event showed mutual understanding and mutual respect by people of different cultures. Koygorodok citizens warmly welcomed foreign students. I am very glad that people in our republic are open to intercultural interaction. I can say with confidence that we received a charge of cheerfulness and a great mood, – Valentina Maltseva emphasized.

The VII inter-regional blacksmithing festival

In the beginning of July, Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University foreign students discovered another point on the map of the Komi Republic. They visited the Kortkeros village at the VII inter-regional blacksmithing festival «Кöрт Айка».

According to the students, this festival has become a real holiday and impressed them with the a huge and diverse program. They took part in blacksmithing workshops, visited the literary tavern «У Кöрт Айки», fought in the airsoft shooting range «Sergeant». The holiday culmination was participation in the theatrical performance «The World Creation. Komi Land Legends».

– During the holiday, foreign students repeatedly tell me that the Komi Republic and Russia are very rich in talents, and they say it in Russian. This once again proves that young people have a huge interest in learning about other cultures and especially the places where they are currently studying, making friends and colleagues. Intercultural interaction is an integral part of the human personality development. Along with this, they learn the value of their native culture. It is nice that such events help to present the heritage of our Komi culture and history, – adds Valentina Maltseva.

It should be noted that foreign students also take an active part in bike rides, sports and city activities in Syktyvkar and other Komi Republic localities in the summer. They also continuously study the Russian language and culture through interactive author’s course «Russian Word Echo» of Patriotic Education and Interethnic Cooperation Center of the Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University Department of Youth Policy.