On May 12, the university held a meeting for foreign full-time students with representatives of the Migration Department of the Komi Republic Ministry of Internal Affairs. The meeting topic was «Legal information on the implementation of the Russian Federation migration legislation».

The meeting was headed by Sergey Vagner, the Head of the Migration Department of the Komi Republic Ministry of Internal Affairs. There was also Ekaterina Solovieva, Deputy Head of the Citizenship Department, Grigory Komissarov, the Head of the Immigration Control Department, Maria Denisova, Deputy Head of the Visa Permitting Department and Sergey Silchenkov, the Head of the Labor Migration Department.

6,756 foreign citizens and stateless persons were registered in the Komi Republic, according to the Department of Migration, as of May 1, 2022; they mainly live in Syktyvkar, Ukhta and Usinsk. The main entry purposes are work, private travel and study.

There are 330 foreign citizens in the Komi Republic whose purpose is education. Sergey Vagner reminded foreign students the registration procedure upon arrival in the Russian Federation and the list of documents required for this. Within seven days from the moment of crossing the Russian Federation border, a foreign citizen must register at the place of stay. Students were warned about administrative liability for providing false data, for not informing about the loss of a passport and / or migration card, notification of arrival.

A separate block of the meeting was devoted to the procedure for passing the mandatory fingerprint registration and photographing of foreign citizens who arrived in the Russian Federation after 12/29/2021 (Federal Law No. 274-FZ of July 1, 2021 «On Amending the Federal Law «On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation»» and the Federal Law «On State Fingerprint Registration in the Russian Federation» regulates the passage of the above procedure within 90 calendar days from day of entry into the Russian Federation).

University students were actively interested in the issue of obtaining Russian Federation citizenship. Department officials explained that this is possible, but there are certain stages. First, you need to obtain a temporary residence permit (TRP), then a residence permit and only after that you can apply for citizenship. At the same time, students were warned about administrative responsibility and cancellation of the TRP and residence permit for providing false information and establishing the fact of entering into a fictitious marriage with a Russian Federation citizen.

Employment issues were also discussed. Students enrolled in full-time / part-time forms of education can work in their free time and during the holidays. If a student has a Temporary Residence Permit, then they can only work in the region where they are registered, but if a student has a Residence Permit, then they have the right to work on the territory of the entire Russian Federation.

At the end of the meeting, all participants were warned of liability in accordance with federal laws No. 31-FZ and No. 32-FZ of March 4, 2022.