At the weekend, foreign students of Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University attended a concert of national-cultural Komi Republic autonomy of Tatars, which was held in the House of Friendship of Peoples.

The Regional House of Friendship of the Peoples of the Komi Republic is one of the favorite cultural spaces, which holds a variety of events. This is one of the places created to intensify activities on inter-ethnic issues and to familiarize the inhabitants of the region with the culture, traditions and customs of national cultural autonomies.

For university students it is a chance to participate in the world of ethnocultural orientation of Russia. On Sunday, foreign university students attended a concert of the national cultural autonomy of the Tatars in the Komi Republic.

The guests were warmly received and treated with Tatar dishes: balish, chak-chak, ochpochmak. The Tatar diaspora is one of the most numerous in the Republic. According to the latest census, there are about 11,000 Tatars living in Komi.

The participants of the concert performed Tatar songs and dances. The performance can be called «ethnic extravaganza of all colours of Tatarstan», which we have never seen before. It was a sparkling performance, from music and arrangements to costumes, dancing, vocals. There was only one surprising thing – such amazing vocals of singers of natural gifts from all over Komi Republic.

– The music and dance have no restrictions in the country, language, climate, customs and way of life. So, this is the best thing that can help us in a quick and easy adaptation to Russia, – said Indian students.

During the performance of the songs in the Tatar language I did not understand the meaning, but I really liked the inflammatory music, the performance of their artists. I had an extraordinary electrical tension on my body the whole gig, – told Egyptian student. – Such concerts, time spent together, give us communication, nourish the soul and make us stronger. We learned about the new Tatar culture: musical instruments and direction of music, songs and dances. It is especially important to us far from the Motherland, we miss it and appreciate it more than if we lived in the Motherland.

Music has no boundaries, becomes international, connecting different countries around the world. The students recorded a video of the concert and sent the recordings back to their native countries.

We really want the Tatar art to be known, understood and loved not only by representatives of Russia, but also outside the Republic and even Russia – they shared.