Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University joined the Global Day of the Russian Education. On May 27, an online exhibition of Russian universities was held at the initiative of the Education Export Center with the strategic support from the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly. 15 educational institutions from 12 cities of Russia presented their educational programs, which are attractive to international students.

The broadcast was carried out simultaneously on three platforms: globalred.ru, YouTube and Facebook, which made it possible to ensure the coverage and guarantee high quality broadcasts. The real-time video conference brought together 23 recruiting companies from 14 countries; during April-May, they went through a training cycle at the Education Export Center for admission and training at the Russian universities. The broadcast was watched by hundreds of potential applicants from India, Nepal, Egypt, Morocco and other countries.

Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University had presented the educational program “General Medicine”. The speakers were Zhanna Ivankova, assistant professor of Biochemistry and Physiology, and Nikolai Spichak, leading specialist of the International Department. Medical specialties are traditionally on the list of the most popular educational programs among international applicants.

– Medicine is a special sphere, and any person wants doctors to know absolutely everything in their field of knowledge. Although Syktyvkar State University is not so large in comparison with other metropolitan universities, but this is our competitive advantage. Teachers have the opportunity to take into consideration the personal characteristics of each student, understand the level of their knowledge, and can quickly pull up the lagging ones. Such an individual approach, that is not available for streaming groups of the large universities, brings good results: after graduating from our university, all medical graduates pass the final test and independent accreditation perfectly. In addition, the university places a strong emphasis on practice. Already in the first year of their study, students interact with real patients. In cities with a population of over one million people, clinic patients often do not want trainees to examine them, and the guys observe the process from behind the doctor. Our university has a large number of clinical bases in various multidisciplinary medical institutions in the region, where students have direct contact with the patient, – told Irina Fedorova, Head of the International Department.

Today, the Medical Institute includes six Departments. Students study Human Anatomy, Histology, Microbiology, Propaedeutics of internal diseases, Surgical Diseases, Pediatrics, Resuscitation, Traumatology and other disciplines. Students from foreign countries have the opportunity to study on a bilingual training program for doctors, where teaching is organized in English and Russian. The medical sphere is the youngest one in the university, so the most modern laboratory and medical equipment was purchased for the educational process.

During the broadcast, representatives of Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University were asked questions about opportunities for foreigners in their University, about the weather in the Komi Republic. Participants were pleased with the low cost of training compared to other educational institutions. The organizers of the exhibition noted that several recruiting agencies became interested in the university.

According to the results of marketing activities, by the date of Global RED, the organizers had received more than 4,500 applications from 32 countries to study in Russia, about 600 of which were attracted directly, and the rest – through the channels of recruiting agencies. It should be mentioned that Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University will take part in other exhibitions aimed at the audience of foreign countries in June.

Youth Forum “Russia-Africa: What Next?” also acted as a partner in the Global Day of Russian Education and the European Association of Higher School Teachers.

The university’s video presentation:

Information is provided by the organizers of Global RED