International students of the Medical Institute practiced in the Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University’s Health center. Read below about how they learned the basics of nursing, about their the challenges and plans for the future.

More than 120 international students from India, Nepal, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Swaziland, Egypt and other CIS countries has been studying at the Medical Institute of Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University.

Students from the Medical Institute have practiced in the Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University’s Health center, where they tried their work skills in nursing. A training session lasted for 6-7 hours in a day. The Health center’s staff tried to explain the information for international students as clear as possible: sometimes they had to use the sign language.

Through the practice students acquired such skills as disinfection of medical equipment, management of health-care waste, measuring the height, body weight, temperature and heart rate and, also, filling a temperature list and blood pressure measurement. Besides, students learned to care for seriously ill patients: how to properly change the position of the patient in the bed, move him from the bed to a wheelchair, prevent bedsores and change the diaper, replace bedding with a seriously ill patient, use a bedpan.

About University

I entered the Medicine Institute of Pitirim Sorokin Syktyvkar State University because there are no doctors in my country, so I wanted to become a doctor since my childhood. There are no Medicine Institutes in Swaziland (South Africa) and your University was an affordable variant for me. I like to study in Russia! Last year I lived in Moscow, but it is very expensive for a student to live and study there, Syktyvkar is much better and cheaper, – shared Hlophe Neliswa Princess from Swaziland.

About practice

I like the practice, it is a great experience, the staff are friendly. Practice helps us go deeper into medicine, to reveal us in a new way. But sometimes we don’t speak the same language for a certain part of the time, then it can be quite difficult. However, employees help us and translate into a language that we understand – says Simise Siwakhile Nkambule from Swaziland.

About subjects

My favorite subjects are Anatomy, Modeling and Russian – said Sherif Samaa Maher from Egypt.

About adaptation

Sometimes difficulties emerge in the dormitory, where students from Egypt live with us. But it is solvable. The University itself is very good, we get all the necessary knowledge. We got used to the northern weather for a long time – it changes very often. Sometimes it’s unusual for me that people on the street pay attention to me and take pictures – laughs Simise Siwakhile Nkambul from Swaziland.

About plans

After graduation I would like to stay in Syktyvkar, if I find a job with a good salary. I would be glad if my family come here. Together we would feel better, – notes Sherif Samaa Maher from Egypt.

In the next academic year, the university expects more than 100 students from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It is also planned to expand cooperation with the countries of the Arabian Peninsula and attract students from Oman to Russia to study.

Valeria Salaurova, journalism, 1 year
Photo: Diana Chilfapur
Translation: Valitova Victoria, international relations, 3rd year