If you are interested understanding what is matter made of, our chemistry program is for you. In our chemistry program you will learn everything from organic chemistry to latest nanotechnologies for building novel materials.


Do you wonder why nature is the way it is? Are you interested in the principles that govern our universe? Come study physics to Syktyvkar and learn what is behind the miracles of nature!


Would you like to become expert in tourism? In our study program of tourism you will learn about business tourism, marketing, management, human resources, regional studies and many more!


Are you interested how modern economics work? In our economics program we study, for example, banking and finance system, international trade, economic policy and history as well various other aspects of economic human behavior.


Are you interested in management? Our study program on management covers all essential aspects of management and prepares you for a successful future!


Would you like to study medicine and become a doctor? In our medicine program you can specialize in anatomy, obstetrics and gynecology, internal medicine, therapy, surgery, traumatology and orthopedy.

Internship programs

Internships offer often a practical way to grow your cultural and social capital. There are variety of options depending on the purpose and duration of your internship wishes. Internships at SyktSU can vary from few weeks to several months – it is all up to your wishes and a matter agreement. You can apply for internship grant in your home country. For example, German citizens can apply for grants via DAAD and Finnish citizens via CIMO. If you are interested in internship at SyktSU, please contact us for further information.

Preparatory programs

Preparatory Russian language courses Preparatory Russian language program consists of a set of courses offered to foreign citizens. The courses are taught as ”Russian for Foreigers” and they are always designed according to the needs of the students. The duration of the courses can vary from few weeks up to a year. Moreover, the courses can be studied side by side with a university degree programme. Previous preparatory language programs have prepared foreign students with zero background in Russian language for university degree programmes taught in Russian language, such as degree programme in medicine. The teachers of the courses have specialized in teaching Russian as foreign language, and the teaching is designed to meet the needs of each individual student. Thus, students of the courses can have any level of preliminary knowledge of Russian language. The effective teaching and study methods guarantee that the students of the courses will quickly …


More than 150 partner universities worldwide Exchange studies in the capital of the Komi Republic provide a view to Russian and Komi culture. During your exchange studies you will deepen your field of specialisation. Moreover, you will most certainly learn exciting things about culture and gain rich experiences that will be an asset in your life! SyktSU has more than 150 partner universities worldwide. Below you find more information about the exhange programs.  UArctic is network of some 150 universities that spealize in arctic studies and circumpolar education. If you are student at one of UArctic networks universities, you can apply for North2North exhange studies at Syktyvkar State University. To apply, please see the instructions here.  Barents plus is regional scholarship program for students, teachers, administrative staff exchanges, class trips and group visits, summer/winter schools and language courses (Sami, Norwegian or Russian). You can find more information about the program …